Menuhin’s Violin – a schools’ perspective

Grove School describe their experience of Menuhin’s Violin

The Grove School

My favourite part of the Menuhin’s Violin workshops was…. doing a performance with all my friends while learning a new thing; learning to play new pieces with people from Live Music Now and actually getting to perform and that I now know who Yehudi Menuhin is. I love it!; the whole of the workshop but I liked listening to Rachel and Alison playing and I liked playing the violin; playing the drum and making a sequence; I enjoyed learning about music’s history; my favourite part was doing the art work and drawing the music as we listened, getting to use our ideas as well as the music.

This is how we described the music by Bach, Mozart and Bartok: If felt dramatic and graceful… Soft, calm and nice…. Clever, how it sounds like other things…. Mysterious and serious…. Sometimes it is fast and sometimes it is slow…. Sooo cool!…Beautiful… Floaty, jolly, drifty, magical…. It’s really good!

This is what our music sounded like: fantastic!, graceful and sometimes frantic, like an elephant, solemn and like rain slowly patter pattering on the window, loud and magnificent, calm, it felt like a mouse running away from a cat, like a loud and noisy jungle waking up, jumpy.


Grove School – 23rd June 2017